Cotton Bags

Fabric thickness used in Cotton Bags weights 46 tel /140 gr / m2 on average. You can choose the handle lengths of the Cotton Bags as long handles with shoulder straps or short handles. The most preferred size is 35x40 cm. It is possible to produce in different sizes horizontally and vertically. The average production time is one week. Different printing methods can be used according to the artwork to be printed. 
Cotton Bags are made of 100% cotton. Most used fabrics are GABARDINE , CANVAS and RIBS .

It is one of the most preferred bag types because it is recyclable and eco friendly. Bags are in their natural raw colors. According to the customer's preference, raw fabrics can be dyed and turned into the desired color. The bags are also suitable for sewing various accessories on them.

In addition, a pocket can be sewn to make the bag more effective in use, and a snap or zipper can be attached to the mouth . 
Cotton Bags are fine if you wash them in the hand or in the washing machine, it does not cause any damage on the printing of the product.

Manufactured by methods ; 
Hand Stitch (MOQ 1.000 pcs )
Printing methods we use ;
Screen , Offset , Transfer , Digital.